CPT David "Bear" Watson
Founding Ghost Rider 1st Platoon Leader & XO
KIA April 25, 1969 in the initial assault into the A Shau Valley, Dong Ap Bia (Hamburger Hill).

"David was from the Texas prairies, A Texas Aggie, worked the oil fields on the rigs. He was the salt of the earth, honest, true, and knew exactly how to lead. David offered me the support needed to train, discipline and guide the unit. He did so without reservation, qualification, conditions, or presumption. He knew exactly how and when to administer constructive discipline, give me advice and suggestions that I just couldn't refuse.
I pay homage to this very special soldier and those of you reading this, who knew him, know that he earned and deserves our respect and admiration. I am proud to call him friend."
...MAJ D., "Nanook" - Founding Ghost Rider Commander


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