CPT Robert Stanley Richmond

Class 69-18
KIA 21 Mar '70
on his First Day of Assignment
to the Ghost Riders

"I was OG the night before this shoot down, so I was working as OPS Officer the day that this man arrived in Company A/158th Avn.

"It was an overcast morning, but even so, literally every available pilot was in the air. The CPT spent several hours in flight ops that morning. Between radio calls, we talked quite a bit over cups of coffee. He had transferred in directly from Korea at his own request. He told me that he felt he was not getting enough flight time in Korea, and that he wanted to build his combat time to help his career.

"Sometime in the late morning we got a routine ash and trash mission from Division. I asked Squeaky to take it cause he was the only AC left in the company area. They were to take three guys to Camp Eagle and drop them off. The new CPT volunteered to go along in the right seat, so he left with Squeaky. I told him to leave his bags in flight ops and I'd watch them, since he didn't have a room assigned yet.

"I never saw him again. The entire crew was killed about one and a half hours later when their aircraft was shot down during a resupply mission. They struck the crest of the 2500 foot hill west of Evans in heavy fog and low ceilings.

"Whenever I've thought of that day, I've felt real compassion for all of these Ghostriders but particularly that new CPT and his family. I suppose I knew him better than anyone else in the unit, or at least as well as anyone can know a brother aviator after only a couple of hours of casual conversation.

"It's always struck me as such a mystery why fine young men like this were robbed of their lives on a seemingly minor twist of fate. I remember that later that day, the XO came in to flight ops and took the CPT's bags away to be returned to his family. He had not even unpacked yet when he gave his life.

"This CPT was as much a member of our unit and a brother, as any of the fallen Ghostriders that we all remember, honor and cherish."

Tom "Joisey" Clark

CPT Richmond was posthumously bestowed the call sign of "Volunteer"...as a tribute to his service.

You can read more about him by visiting his link on The Wall


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