1984 Reunion at Dothan (Ft Rucker)

 Front row left to right: Sam "Wop (2)" Carbonaro, Eddie "Tom" Thompson, Richard "Rat" King, Elliot "Mike" Ser, Harold "Itty-Bitty" Smith, James "Tiny" Heisler, Joseph "Big S" Hubbard, Darryl "Sugar Bear" Scarborough, Doug "Mac" McNeill.

Back row left to right: Jerry "Rocky" Rockwell, Geary "Bixby" Baxter, Gary "Fertilizer" Grow, Chuck "Barfy" Krause, Steve "Hud" Payton, Kenneth, "CornHusker" Weichel, Larry "Stache" Smith, Burt "C.W." Amos, John "Drop-Out" Heiskell, Rick "Sandy" Shores, Robert "Goober" Owens, Tom "Albert" Schweitzer, Frank "Music Man" VanNote, Jim "Soapy" Dial.

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