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Armed Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) Listen to actual AFVN broadcasts as you surf through the Ghost Rider site! Plays a variety of broadcasts with RealPlayer streaming audio. Go there, load your selection, then return to surf with nostalgic tunes playing in the background! HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Modern Viet Nam's Homepage A travel log of scenes and interesting items & links. "Almost" makes you want to go back. Vietnamese/English

Visit the current home of the Screaming Eagles! Check out the museum for interesting things relating to Viet Nam, to include some photos. Accommodating search service available of their archives.

Graphic Intensive! Please allow all graphics to load. Vietnam Donut Dollies Who could forget them? These amazing American Red Cross women  raised the spirits of the soldiers we supported (and US TOO!) ...and YES, they have reunions also.

Graphic Intensive! Please allow all graphics to load.Ghost Rider Apparel Store Graphic Intensive! Please allow all graphics to load. Shirts, hats, mugs, and much more! Everything you need to identify yourself as a member of the Ghost Riders. Embroidered patches coming soon! (Check back often.)
'NAM TALES A nice collection of light-hearted stories and humorous tales. This site has some really fantastic links. Be sure to check it out!
Visit The Wall Monument I rank this site as a National Treasure! It is a fabulous page with searches, photos, and images to help us (inactive)
Landing on a Hospital Ship This link will take you to the history of the US Navy Hospital Ship "Repose", with links to the "Sanctuary". Remember them?

Click on the ribbons to enter a Fantastic WEBRING! (inactive)

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) Home Page

HELI-VETS Home Page Tribute pages and lots of National Links (Inactive).

Vietnam Helicopter Crewmember Association (International). Some unique info here about Myths, and women who served. Well worth surfing through.
The Newspaper of the US Army Aviation Center at Fort Rucker. Weekly articles on the latest in Army aviation.Tticles
The Army Aviation Museum. Unit histories, aviator profiles, museum displays, gift shop, etc.

Links to our Brothers in the 158th Avn Bn
that we flew with...

  B Co 158th Avn Bn
The "Lancers"""
  C Co 158th Avn Bn
    D Co 158th Avn Bn

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Reading! CW2 by Layne Heath. Layne, a member of C Co. Phoenix, has authored a really fantastic book. Order at your local bookstore. (Avon Books, 1990) Library of Congress Catalog Card #89-13773

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