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    Ghost Rider 26's Callsign (Woodcutter) was because:
  1. He was a lumberjack in Canada
  2. It rhymed with "Pood Squsher"
  3. He destroyed trees with his rotor blades
  4. He destroyed many trees with his rotor blades
    "TREBOH YENO" was really:
  1. Ghost Rider 16's real name
  2. 'Rider 16's real name backwards
  3. The Kama Sutra's sixth position
  4. Some stuff they fed us in the Mess Hall
    The Rotor Span of the UH-1 Helicopter was:
  1. 48FT 3.2IN
  2. Variable & dependent on the trees in the LZ
  3. Never enough to provide the needed lift
  4. All of the above
    Hamburger Hill was:
  1. A hill named Dong Ap Bia
  2. A nightmare in the A Shau Valley
  3. Ghost Riders' Baptism under fire
  4. All of the above
    The Ghost Rider's mascot was a:
  1. Hootch Maid
  2. Dog
  3. Bufforillo
  4. All of the above
    The Ghost Rider's mascot was named:
  1. Humper
  2. Chu Hoi
  3. Meat
  4. Short Round
    The "Dead Man's Curve" refers to:
  1. A baseball pitch to a corpse
  2. A place from a popular '60's song
  3. Some obscure height/velocity danger zone diagram we all flew in each day
  4. A male cadaver's erection
    A "Sniffer Mission" was:
  1. A search in the 'ville for poontang
  2. A drinking bout involving brandy
  3. Using a box of fleas to detect the enemy
  4. A determination of needed underware change
How did "RuffnReady" (MAJ Jim Watson) get his callsign?

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