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Last Update: March 18, 2005

A cruise ship  was voted as the most liked venue for the 2005 reunion.  Miami was the 2nd choice of voters...so we combined the two!
A poll was conducted to determine the dates and cruise length most desired.

I want to thank all of you who contributed your ideas, thoughts and suggestions to make this "Pirate Theme" Reunion such a success. A special thanks to Dana & Lynn Luce and Elliot & Jan Ser for their hard work and contributions. There were so many others involved that I would probably miss some one if I tried to list all of your names...so THANK YOU ALL, each and every one!

Here is a very brief recap of how it turned out!

...................... Mar 4 - 6 (Fri - Sun nights)
"Land Lubbers"
Rendezvous in Miami
at the Hilton DoubleTree Coconut Grove Hotel.
(See photo below)
CLICK  HERE for more
about the itinerary and
attendees at the 
"Land Lubbers"

Mar 7 - 11 (Mon - Fri) Cruise aboard Carnival Lines Fascination departed Miami with stops in Key West, and Cozumel, Mexico, before returning to Miami.
Highlight of the cruise was when we all stormed the Formal Dining Room in Pirate attire, and the party afterwards at the pool area.

  CLICK HERE for Business Meeting Minutes!  

PHOTOS  NEEDED! Some of you stopped drinking long enough to take a few pictures (I saw you!)  If you would like to share them, e-mail me by clicking HERE. A "Photo Page" will be set up in the near future.



Mayberry the BIG WINNER!
The winner of the Grand Raffle Prize was none other than Mayberry, who professed that he had never won anything in his life. Now he has a beautiful 16"x20" framed original work of art depicting the words of the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky."

(Picture not to scale)

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