1LT/CPT Danny "The Dog" Salin
Ghost Rider 1st Platoon 1969-1970
KIA 1991 while flying for the "company" in Central America.

"When Danny arrived at Camp Evans in late May 1969, it was evident that he was wild, had a sense of humor bordering on crazy, and had a huge attitude - particularly when it came to his passion for flying. He also loved downing Flaming Hookers as a normal bar drink instead of just as a ritual. (All admirable GR traits, of course!)
It just so happened that the refrigerator in the club had been broken for several days, and one evening he assumed the responsibility of "cleaning out" the 'frig. Most perishables had spoiled, and of course the beer was hot. No matter.
There were some individual servings of shrimp in cocktail sauce in small glass jars that caught his eye. When they were opened, they stunk badly. Danny was in heaven. "Smells like Nurse nookie to me," he proclaimed as he unzipped his Nomex and proceeded to insert himself into one of the jars, moaning and yelping as he thrust in and out, then another jar, then another...splattering the stinky sauce all over. The name of "Dog" was bestowed upon him that night, sealed with several
Flaming Hookers.
I knew Danny and his wife Care for many years after Viet Nam. As an RLO who loved to fly, he could not find fulfillment in the Army. He got out to continue his passion for flying, and did so until his death in 1991 flying in the jungles of Central America for the CIA.
I remember one lazy Sunday afternoon in 1972, Danny taught me how to juggle using
my best set of Noritake china. It was a scream!
He was the most fun-loving person I ever met, and I miss him to this day."
...Larry "'Stache" Smith - 1st Platoon Section Leader & Friend

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